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 to Prime Fencing Fencing Academy where you find quality instruction for all aspects of fencing. Prime Fencing Fencing Academy was founded in 2019 in Pleasanton, to help people discover, enjoy, and advance in the sport of fencing. We not only aim to develop fencers’ technical skills but we also focus on physical fitness. We provide competitive foil programs in our club, which results in quite good  achievements in local and national,  competitions by our members.  Our classes range from beginner groups to individualized lessons for all ages, depending on your personal interest and needs. Come and meet our head coach Dolzhenko Bogdan, tour our excellent facilities and experience the fencing of Olympic Sport!


Our Mission Is:

  • To make fencing available to those who want to experience the benefit of the sport

  • To help people discover, enjoy, and advance in the sport of fencing

  • To collaborate with other fantastic fencing enthusiasts

  • To help students develop a competitive athletic skill

  • To spread the word about fencing and provide people with resources and tips to be successful in the sport

  • To support students who have strong academic results by exposing them to university coaches throughout the United States

  • To provide outstanding and professional lessons with a complete commitment to all students

  • To increase knowledge and awareness of the history of one of four sports that has been featured at every modern Olympic Games: Fencing

$̶4̶0̶0̶ $360 expires March 31

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