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Based on world class training system

We believe that the values and ethics instilled through fencing will lead students to not only excel in the sport but also in life.

Fencing develops and encourages the spirit of healthy rivalry and competition, teaching emotional control, courage and self-discipline.

It inculcates team spirit, a sense of camaraderie and discipline, qualities that determine winners in life, not just sports. The spirit of healthy competition, justice and fair play helps students achieve balance and harmony in life. Strong fencers spread the message of hope, honor and good will to all.

For many fencers, the ultimate goal is to become a champion, Olympic or otherwise, and together with the coaches, the child’s determination and the parents’ help, we will do our best to achieve these goals.

Most importantly, though,

Our fencers will learn to overcome and win not only against an opponent, but also themselves, their weaknesses and fears, and ultimately realize their potential!

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